educational software for schools

Online and Web Based

e-Galaxy is a Web based solution deployed on the Cloud. Your Institution does not have to invest huge money to buy, install or maintain any Servers or Software. All that you would need is Computers (PCs) with Internet connection to access e-Galaxy at your School/College premise. You can get your e-Galaxy implementation up and running with ZERO infrastructure cost. And, you can be at peace without any fear of Server crashing, Lose of Data or Data theft. All your data is 100% secure on our remote servers.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

e-Galaxy being Online on the Web, everyone can access their account from anywhere, anytime. Parents can remotely access e-Galaxy to check the attendance or marks of their children. Faculty can update marks, attendance etc or post home-works and study materials from their home. Management can access the fee collection reports and other up-to-date information. Admin can communicate with parents, teachers and students through email or SMS… The benefits of e-Galaxy being online are unlimited…

Faster, Paper less and Efficient Administration

e-Galaxy makes your administration faster, simpler and efficient and you don’t have to deal with truckloads of paper records! All the data safe online and you can access it on a click of a button, not having to browse through tons of papers

Exclusive, Private and Secure Database

Your Institution is provided with an exclusive, completely independent database. There is absolutely no need to worry about data leakage or loss. With automatic daily backup on, you can be at 100% peace about your data. The database is highly secure, protected and the access is strictly restricted.

Simple and User Friendly Screens

e-Galaxy is very easy to learn and navigate through due to its unique, intuitive, elegant, simple and user-friendly screen designs. Administration, staff, students and parents can use e-Galaxy without any training or any manuals!

Complete Student, Teachers and Campus Information

Have the complete information, including emergency contacts, of your Students and Staff in one place, easily accessible from anywhere, anytime! Capture the extra-curricular skills and interests so that you have complete details of your talent people on your fingertips!

Admin Login

  • Access to complete School/College management web control panel with all key features.
  • Manage your group of institutes using smart phone touch screen from any location.
  • Smart management of Students, Staff and Parents details with user friendly mode.
  • Fast downloadable reports for Fee, HR, Transportation, Student, Staff Attendance & more.
  • Cloud based solution to manage your institute anytime from anywhere.

Teachers Login

  • Time to say bye-bye to paper registers…SMART roll call on TAB touch screen.
  • Post/Assign homework to whole class on a single click in text or voice format.
  • Two way Smart Messaging with other staff members and parents…unlimited message size.
  • Efficient way to manage exam and exam results in Marks or Grade format.
  • Attendance, Result and Other reports at a single click…download or share via email..

Parents Login

  • Real time update of child’s activities within class & school campus on parents SMART Phone or school portal.
  • Daily attendance and subject wise homework alerts on mobile phone.
  • Follow the progress of your child by keeping track of class tests & exam results on a single click.
  • Stay tuned to important school events by using school calendar and photo gallery.
  • Discuss with teachers using 2-way smart messaging, online fee payment & many more options.

Student Login

  • Act smartly and keep your class & school activities at your fingertips.
  • SMART e-diary, never miss your school homework even when you are away
  • Access school photo gallery and share your precious moments with your friends via social media.
  • Your school is always with you, where ever you move.

Fee Management

Smart fee management module with e-fee payment receipt in parent’s web or mobile app account. Possibility to integrate net banking solution to collect fee online. Multiple fee reports class and student wise. Key option in this module:

  • Create fee titles as needed
  • Set fee slot as per school policy
  • Allocate fee class and student wise
  • Manage fee discounts
  • Print fee receipt (office and parent copy)
  • Online fee alerts on parents mobile
  • Online fee receipts parents mobile
  • Multiple fee reports by student/class/school
  • Fee reports in PDF, excel or .csv format
  • Various fee analysis views

Smart Attendance:

No hassle to maintain the paper registers each month, now teachers can take roll call on Tablet. Real time update of student in/out to parents mobile.  Generate attendance reports on single click and share using email or print on paper if needed. Worried whether your child in the School/College in faraway town attending classes or not? No more worries! With e-Galaxy, you can check every day, even every hour, if your child is attending classes by checking the attendance logs! e-Galaxy can be configured for Day-wise attendance for Schools OR subject-wise period-wise attendance for School. Teachers can download excel sheets any time, with complete subject-wise attendance till date thus don’t have to keep maintaining paper records. School Teachers and Students don’t need to run panic in the last minute worrying if they have enough attendance to appear for exams.

  • SMART attendance available on our mobile app
  • Teacher/Admin can take roll call on smart device
  • Parents get real time alerts daily at home
  • Easy downloadable attendance reports
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly attendance views
  • No Admin worked required
  • Automated attendance data management
  • Track Present, absent and leave days
  • RFID, Biometric and Face Recognition integration on demand.

We take step forward and make it easier for you, no need to process any data in the system. Manage it smartly now.

Smart Homework

e-Galaxy provides smarter way of assigning subject wise homework, with real time update to parents. Even during absence students can receive home work. Multiple options for teachers to assign home work.

  • Option to assign from TAB and pc
  • Date and subject wise assignments
  • In text or voice format, attach document/picture
  • Real time alerts in parents account
  • Option to choose homework due date
  • Alert parents for incomplete homework
  • View history date and subject wise
  • Parents/Students can view via mobile app

Student’s parents will know the details before students get back to home. Parents will get better visibility on class activities and will feel more involved in their child studies.

Exam Test and Result Management

Online exam and result management modules make teacher & admin staff easier and productive. Manage examination flow, publish results and report card online. Here are the key options available in this module.

  • Create examination titles
  • Create subject wise exams / tests
  • Grade and Marks option for various boards
  • Enter Subject wise marks list
  • Download / Print student wise report card
  • Real time update on parents mobile app and parents portal
  • On demand report generation
  • Graphical view student’s performance

SMART and user friendly examination management approach with student performance analysis.

Messaging and Notification System

Smart messaging system of e-Galaxy App brings inbuilt effective and productive way of communication. Modern two-way engagement of teachers, admins, students and parents. It record the details and helps to save time & travel. It’s effective and effortless.

  • Text and Voice messaging option
  • Document / Picture attachment option
  • Unlimited message size
  • Unlimited numbers of message
  • Send to all or selected persons
  • Real time update on mobile app
  • Keep track of the communication
  • Staff to staff or staff to parents two way

Our smart messaging suite is a full-featured web & mobile app based messaging platform that aims to cater to your organization’s communication channel needs.

Library Management

Opportunity to make your library more advance and library staff/users more efficient & dynamic with this online module. Track each operation in books management in more modern way. Keep the full track of book records, in circulation books, late fine, etc. with an easy search and integrated way.

  1. Set library management rules
  2. Manage by language, author and publisher
  3. Rack and shelf management
  4. RFID integration option
  5. Single and multi-criteria search option
  6. Issue / return management for staff & students
  7. Late book alerts to staff & student
  8. Late return fine integration with finance
  9. Demand management analysis report
  10. Various reports

Events and Media

Now capture and share the precious moments of different school events. Unlimited space to create the albums titles and upload the pictures. Staff / Parents / Students can download and share using social media.

  • Create unlimited albums with titles
  • Upload unlimited pictures under each title
  • Staff, parents, students can view on mobile app.
  • Only school admin can edit or upload
  • Option to share via social media

Organize your school photo gallery yourself and save money & hassle to hire a photographer. Enjoy sharing the pride and precious happenings with staff and parents. 


Our intelligent time table module will help you to schedule your school planning efficiently. It is very easy and simple to manage, you can easily create time slots, map class subject and teachers, assign classes and sections etc.

  • Create Period wise Time slots
  • Manage working weeks days
  • Map Class – Section – Subject & Teachers
  • Class wise Timetable
  • Teacher wise Time Table
  • Various views – For Teachers, Parents , Admin

Global Contacts

Keep the contacts at your touch screen to better manage the relations with various stakeholders. Our PRM (Personal Relation Management) module provides access to complete student directory with their parents contact details, teacher directory with their contact details and visitors details.

  • Staff Directory
  • Student Directory
  • Visitors Details

Transport Management (Add On Services)

By automating with e-Galaxy App make whole school transport more secure and safe. Manage buses routes, stops, timing, students & fee. Track bus location. Optimize operations and make it more efficient.

  • Manage bus routes
  • Create bus stations
  • Manage bus timing
  • Create fee slots
  • Allocate route to students / Staff
  • Track bus location*
  • Integration with GPS device*
  • Generate various reports

* Location tracking option works only with GPS hardware. If transport is already equipped with GPS device, we need API key, otherwise first need to install the device.