To make e-Galaxy Success, accurate and practical, We provide MagicTab to All classroom, Now Teachers will be able to manage all class activity by just doing few clicks on tab.

Features :

Think if there are 1000 student in a school and every day they need to notify parents for all subject homework, attendance, Marks, events and parents teachers communication update, Do you think this can be done by one or two dedicate expert staff in timely and also evaluate that all information are accurate and they are getting broadcast on correct time. It’s practically not possible for long time. Entering marks, homework, message, marks, media and others information of students is a very tedious and time consuming job and waste much of a time admin team and other resources which are supposed to upload these on regular basis. In our solutions.

We had made all these activity easy in such a practical and easy manner so that all information and teachers parent interaction can be done in just doing few clicks.

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Existing System

EduGenie-School Management System

A manual register is kept and monthly attendance is calculated making process error prone.

The software allows you to fill in the attendance online using manual click on MagicTab, biometric or face recognition system with real
time notification to parents for their ward availability in class room.

Report generation of presence / absence for a few days is very tough.

Report of attendance for any period range can be generated easily.

Manual data entry requires all the teachers to enter homework of all students and admin team need to upload that.

Teachers can upload homework in all format like Test, Voice and Video from class itself in real time in few second.

Manual process to upload all media and other activity which are actually a time taking process.

Teachers can upload all class indoor and outdoor activity image and video instantly in in media section and that will be automatically get
uploaded on social media site for school promotions.

Manual report card preparation requires all the teachers to enter marks of all students in the report card, carry out necessary calculation
and allocate grades and ranks.

You just need to enter the marks of the students and whole report card would be generated automatically with necessary calculations.

Creating report cards consumes lot of time and efforts of the teachers and its depending on other resources to do that in regular manner

The teachers just needs to fill marks of the student of their class by spending only few minutes.

Creation of result and filling up the report card again requires more effort and time.

Report card generation is just clicks away and automated printing facility is available.

There are more chances of errors in calculation of total marks and thus needs to be verified again.

No chances or error in calculation of total marks.

Separate list of passing and failing students has to be maintained.

The software takes care of passing and promoting to next standard.